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After what feels like a lifetime already, we're finally getting hitched! The past seven years have been a whirlwind, full of fun, adventure, growth, maturing, and ultimately, LOVE. 

We met in 2003, thanks to that crazy thing called drum corps. Online, actually, when Trevor emailed Chelsea, looking for another girl's number. A couple years of friendship followed, as we saw one another through a few different relationships, but always seemed to fall back on each other. Finally, in 2005, after a couple failed attempts at dating, we realized we were supposed to be together, and Trevor followed Chelsea to Florida, and our relationship had a definite beginning. 

During our time in Florida, we learned a lot about one another, and what we wanted out of the relationship. We also adopted two kitties, and a dog, solidifying our unconventional family unit. But, the humidity and distance from our families was too much to bear anymore, and In 2007 we moved back to California where we belonged!

At the end of 2009, we welcomed our beautiful little girl into our world, and life changed forever. Delaney is the most inspiring force of nature we have ever encountered, a perfect combination of each of us. She filled a void in our lives we never knew existed, and made us evaluate where we were headed in life. The one thing we knew is that we would take on the future together.

On April 8th, 2012, just as dinner was wrapping up during a birthday/Easter celebration at Chelsea's family home, Trevor surprised the family everyone by pulling out a ring, and getting down on one knee. True to our silly, unconventional relationship, Trevor got a cramp, and just couldn't do the traditional proposal. Amid laughter, and happy tears, Trevor simply said "It's just time. It's been seven years, it's been a long time. We have her (Delaney) and there's you guys (the family), so... Chelsea Melissa, will you marry me?"

We are SO LUCKY to have met one another so young, and to have lived such a life together so far. We welcome you, our family, our friends, to join us as we celebrate seven years of GOOD luck, and make this thing official!

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